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China Discusses Xi’s Attendance at APEC Summit with US

China Discusses Xi’s Attendance at APEC Summit with US

China is in discussions with the United States regarding its representation at an upcoming summit, following President Xi Jinping’s absence from a recent gathering of global leaders. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, during a press briefing in Beijing, addressed speculation about Xi’s attendance at the event in November. Wang stated that China is currently communicating with relevant parties and will make an announcement at the appropriate time.

The news of China’s deliberations over its representative at the summit reflects the country’s diplomatic engagements with the United States. President Xi’s absence from a significant international meeting has raised questions about China’s stance on global cooperation and its willingness to participate in high-level discussions. By expressing that China is in communications with relevant parties, Wang Yi suggests that the decision regarding Xi’s attendance is being carefully considered.

China’s approach to announcing its representation at the summit demonstrates the country’s preference for strategic communication. Instead of providing immediate clarity on Xi’s participation, Chinese officials have opted for a more calculated approach by indicating that an announcement will be made at a later stage. This approach allows China to carefully assess the situation and potentially utilize this as an opportunity for diplomatic maneuvering in its relationship with the United States.

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