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Matt Gaetz Plans Vote to Oust Speaker McCarthy Amid Funding Bill Dispute

Matt Gaetz Plans Vote to Oust Speaker McCarthy Amid Funding Bill Dispute

Hard-line Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz has announced plans to hold a vote in an attempt to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his role. Gaetz, a longtime critic of McCarthy, condemned the speaker’s leadership and handling of spending fights since conservatives regained control of the House this year. McCarthy’s support for a bipartisan stopgap funding bill to prevent a government shutdown was the catalyst for Gaetz’s move. The bill, pushed through on Saturday, did not include border security provisions or broader spending cuts, which had been demanded by some Republicans. The motion to remove McCarthy could halt all legislative business until a replacement is selected.

While Gaetz acknowledged that he may not have enough support to oust McCarthy at present, he believes he could gather enough votes before 15 rounds of ballots. In an interview, Gaetz declared that he would continue to pursue his objective relentlessly even if his motion is defeated. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a prominent Democrat, stated that she would vote to remove McCarthy as she believes he has “clearly lost control.” Gaetz’s move has received criticism, with New York Rep. Mike Lawler calling it “delusional.” Gaetz, however, insists that his actions are not personal and are driven by McCarthy’s failure to fulfill promises, such as consistent spending cuts and rejecting continuing resolutions and omnibus bills.

Despite Gaetz’s efforts, it remains uncertain if he currently has more than a handful of votes for his motion. The motion to vacate has never before successfully been used against a speaker, though a few lawmakers have attempted it in the past. The move could result in a halt to all legislative business in the House until a replacement is chosen. Gaetz vows to continue his pursuit of removing McCarthy, stating that the American people need to see who truly governs them and how governing occurs. With a divided Washington between the two parties, some compromise is necessary, but Gaetz advocates for pushing single-subject spending bills to address individual issues.

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