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Matt Gaetz to Make Bid to Remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House

Matt Gaetz to Make Bid to Remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida is planning to file a motion to oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his role after McCarthy worked with Democrats to avoid a government shutdown. Gaetz accuses McCarthy of repeatedly breaching an agreement made with House conservatives in January. Gaetz believes that McCarthy’s deal with Democrats to bypass spending limits is the final straw. McCarthy responded by daring Gaetz to bring it on, stating that Gaetz is more interested in TV interviews than actual work. Gaetz has been promising daily to remove McCarthy from his position and has been approaching Democrats about potential successors.

The standoff between McCarthy and the right wing of his party has been ongoing for months. McCarthy made a deal to allow just one member to advance a motion to vacate in his bid to become Speaker of the House. This has put him in a difficult position throughout the year as he attempted to appease the right wing while governing. McCarthy’s decision to work with Democrats to pass a continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown may cost him his job, as Gaetz has been promising to remove him. Gaetz accuses McCarthy of lying during negotiations and lacking trust from everyone involved.

While most Democrats are skeptical about saving McCarthy due to his lack of interest in working with them, there are some moderates who may consider helping him stay in power in exchange for something. Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated that she would vote to oust McCarthy, calling him a weak Speaker who has lost control of his caucus. Gaetz has been working to gather support from Democrats to remove McCarthy from his position, suggesting that if Democrats help him keep his job, McCarthy will be their Speaker, not his. The motion to oust McCarthy may happen as early as Monday.

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