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Metro train derails near Potomac Yard and National Airport, reports NBC4 Washington.


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A Metrorail train derailed between the Potomac Yard and National Airport stations in Northern Virginia. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident. The train, a 7000-series train, derailed just south of the National Airport station while heading towards Potomac Yard. About 50 passengers from the derailed train were transferred via shuttle to continue their trips. The 7000-series trains had previously been taken out of service following a derailment in October 2021, which revealed issues with the wheels moving outward. Despite efforts to address the problem, the derailment raises concerns about the safety of these railcars.

The derailment occurred at a low speed as the train was leaving the airport, which minimized the potential for more severe consequences. However, the incident is still a major setback for Metro as it has been trying to regain public trust in the safety of the 7000-series trains. Currently, Blue and Yellow line services are affected, with shuttle buses providing transportation between the National Airport and Potomac Yard stations. Trains are now running on a single track with delays expected. The derailment not only hinders Metro’s progress in providing better service, but it may also result in further investigations and potential removal of the 7000-series cars from the system, which would require Metro to rely on older, less reliable railcars and incur additional expenses to fix the wheels.

The 7000-series railcars make up about 60% of Metro’s fleet and were intended to be stronger and more durable. However, the October 2021 derailment exposed issues with the wheels being pushed outward on these trains. Authorities, including the NTSB and the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission, have been investigating the problem and the possible change in wheel specifications. Metro has been conducting regular inspections to address the issue, but there is still no conclusive explanation for the ongoing problem. If the 7000-series trains are once again taken out of service, Metro’s efforts to improve service and accommodate the returning workforce would be significantly hindered. The incident highlights the importance of ensuring the safety and reliability of Metro’s railcars in order to maintain public confidence in the system.

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