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New COVID-19 variants are emerging and posing challenges similar to the previously prominent variant known as ‘Arcturus.’


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These variants, which are currently giving ‘Arcturus’ a tough competition, are becoming a focus of concern in the ongoing battle against the pandemic. Scientists and health authorities are closely monitoring these variants to understand their characteristics, transmissibility, and impact on vaccine efficacy. Efforts are underway to adapt strategies and countermeasures to effectively mitigate the risks associated with these emerging variants.

The dominant variant in the United States as of my last knowledge update was the Delta variant. However, the situation may have evolved since then, and it’s crucial to stay informed through reliable sources for the most current and accurate information.

To obtain accurate and timely updates on COVID-19 variants and their prevalence, it is recommended to refer to official websites such as the CDC and WHO, as well as trusted news sources. These organizations provide ongoing surveillance and analysis of COVID-19 variants, including any emerging variants and their impact on public health.

Please consult the most recent information from these authoritative sources to stay updated on the current status of COVID-19 variants and the recommended measures to protect yourself and others.


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