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NY Judge Rules Trump Guilty of Fraud, Loses Control of Major Properties

NY Judge Rules Trump Guilty of Fraud, Loses Control of Major Properties

In a surprising ruling, a New York judge, Justice Arthur F. Engoron, determined that former President Donald J. Trump had engaged in persistent fraud by inflating the value of his assets. The decision represents a major victory for Attorney General Letitia James, who has filed a lawsuit against Trump alleging that he fraudulently obtained favorable terms on loans and insurance deals. The judge’s ruling strips Trump of control over some of his signature New York properties and could result in the cancellation of business certificates for these properties. Trump’s lawyer has indicated that they plan to appeal the decision.

Justice Engoron’s ruling not only grants one of the significant penalties sought by James, but it also narrows the issues to be addressed at trial, affirming the validity of the core of her case. The decision could have far-reaching consequences for Trump’s business operations as it may result in the termination of control over several high-profile properties, potentially impacting hundreds of employees. Despite the possibility of an appeal, Justice Engoron’s ruling marks the first punishment resulting from a government investigation into Trump, adding to the legal challenges he currently faces.

In his scathing order, Justice Engoron criticized Trump and his co-defendants for ignoring reality and making fraudulent representations to banks and insurance companies. He levied sanctions on Trump’s lawyers for making arguments that he had previously rejected and ordered them to pay fines. Trump’s lawyers have argued that the valuations of his properties were subjective and that there was no evidence of harm or wrongdoing. However, Justice Engoron dismissed these arguments and emphasized that the evidence presented in the case constituted fraud.

Overall, Justice Engoron’s ruling is a significant blow to Trump’s defense and reputation. If the ruling stands, it could lead to the dissolution of the Trump Organization LLC and the loss of control over multiple New York properties. The trial, scheduled to begin soon, will determine the size of the penalty, but Trump still has the opportunity to delay or challenge the case further. As Trump faces mounting legal challenges, this ruling has become a notable milestone in the investigations against him.

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