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Police probe shooting at Lexington residence – Boston 25 News

Police probe shooting at Lexington residence – Boston 25 News

Police are investigating a non-fatal shooting that took place at a home in Lexington, Massachusetts on Friday night. All individuals involved in the incident were transported to a local hospital, according to the Middlesex District Attorney’s office. The parties are said to be acquainted with each other. Surrounding the crime scene, several police vehicles were seen and the neighborhood, which is typically peaceful, witnessed an unusual amount of police activity. More information is being sought by Boston 25 News, who has a team on-site to gather additional details.

The non-fatal shooting in Lexington has prompted an investigation by law enforcement officials. The incident occurred at a residence on Keeler Farm Way, resulting in the transfer of all involved parties to a nearby hospital. The Middlesex District Attorney’s office revealed that the individuals are familiar with each other. The presence of multiple police cruisers and crime scene tape outside the house attracted attention from local residents, who noted that such activity is uncommon in their peaceful neighborhood. Boston 25 News has dispatched a team to the scene to collect further information.

Law enforcement authorities are probing a non-fatal shooting incident that transpired at a residence in Lexington. The Middlesex District Attorney’s office confirmed that the shooting took place on Keeler Farm Way and led to the hospitalization of all parties involved. Notably, the individuals are known to each other, according to the district attorney. The sight of numerous police vehicles surrounding the home, cordoned off by crime scene tape, was an unusual occurrence in the typically tranquil neighborhood. Boston 25 News is actively investigating the incident and will provide updates as they become available.

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