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Secretary of Defense Austin’s Statement on Iran’s Strikes Against Israel


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President Biden directed U.S. forces in the Middle East to intercept dozens of missiles and UAVs launched from Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen towards Israel on April 13. The U.S. forces are focused on protecting American troops and partners in the region, providing support for Israel’s defense, and promoting stability in the area. These actions were taken in response to the reckless and unprecedented attacks by Iran and its proxies.

The U.S. condemns the attacks and urges Iran to cease any further aggression, including from its proxy forces, and to reduce tensions in the region. While the U.S. does not seek conflict with Iran, it will not hesitate to act in defense of its forces and in support of Israel. President Biden expressed gratitude for the professionalism and skill of the U.S. troops involved in intercepting the missiles and UAVs, and continues to closely monitor the situation while consulting with allies and partners to ensure regional security and stability.

As tensions escalate in the Middle East, the U.S. remains committed to protecting its interests and those of its allies in the region. The interception of missiles and UAVs aimed at Israel demonstrates a strong stance against Iran and its proxy forces. President Biden emphasizes the importance of swift action to prevent further conflict and appreciates the dedication of U.S. troops in maintaining peace and security in the region. By working with allies and partners, the U.S. aims to deescalate the situation and promote stability for all nations involved.

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