Home Latest News Turkey Overcomes Objections, Allows Sweden to Join NATO

Turkey Overcomes Objections, Allows Sweden to Join NATO


Turkey has dropped its opposition to Sweden becoming a member of NATO, after previously blocking its ascension largely due to concerns over Sweden’s treatment of Kurdish dissidents. The move was hailed by President Joe Biden, who welcomed Turkey’s commitment to a “swift ratification” and expressed anticipation for Sweden’s membership. Sweden and Turkey also agreed to establish a new bilateral security compact and strengthen cooperation against terrorism.

Sweden has made changes to its laws and expanded counterterrorism efforts, including restarting arms exports to Turkey. Sweden’s decision to join NATO, along with Finland’s recent membership, is seen as a response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with the new members bringing advanced military capabilities to deter further aggression.

Russia has expressed concerns but downplayed the significance of the new members, stating that it had already associated itself with the alliance.


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