Home Technology 13 Must-Love MacOS Sonoma Features Even for Casual Mac Users

13 Must-Love MacOS Sonoma Features Even for Casual Mac Users

13 Must-Love MacOS Sonoma Features Even for Casual Mac Users

The latest update from Apple introduces interactive widgets for Mac, a feature previously only available on iOS devices. These widgets were previously located in the Notifications Center but can now be moved to the desktop. Users can create a Smart Stack, view their Reminders and Calendar, check their friends’ shared locations, and display favorite Photos albums directly from their desktop. This new functionality allows users to play and pause music, podcasts, and audiobooks, as well as mark reminders as completed, without having to open an app.

The introduction of interactive widgets greatly enhances productivity and convenience. For example, users can easily manage tasks such as online bill payments or creating packing lists directly from their desktop. This feature becomes even more powerful when used in conjunction with an iPhone through Continuity, allowing for seamless integration between devices. Notably, users can add their iPhone widgets to their Mac desktop without needing to install any additional apps not already on their Mac. By simply having their iPhone nearby, users can take full advantage of the enhanced functionality offered by these interactive widgets.

Overall, this update brings a new level of functionality and efficiency to Mac users by allowing them to have interactive widgets directly on their desktop. By providing the ability to control and access various features without being redirected to an app, users can accomplish tasks more efficiently. The continuity with iPhone adds further convenience, making it easier for users to seamlessly switch between devices and enjoy a consistent experience. With this update, Apple continues to prioritize enhancing user experience and productivity across their devices.

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