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4 Ways to Control Shadow IT Effect in Healthcare – TechToday (13 words)


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Shadow IT, the practice of using unauthorized technology solutions within a company, can be a challenge for IT departments. Instead of blocking these initiatives, IT teams should aim to partner with other departments and understand the problem they are trying to solve. By prioritizing solutions and ensuring security concerns are addressed, IT can work alongside shadow IT teams to achieve innovative and efficient results.

It is important for IT to identify the real security risks associated with shadow IT projects. Not all initiatives pose a threat to patient privacy or compliance. By setting clear boundaries and educating employees on general security requirements, IT can determine which projects truly require intervention. This allows agile and innovative projects to flourish without unnecessary interference.

Shadow IT provides an opportunity for IT departments to multiply their efforts. When a project is successfully implemented by shadow IT teams, it is an opportunity to gain valuable expertise and knowledge. As these projects grow, IT can leverage this experience and even integrate them into production IT processes. This collaboration not only saves on resources, but also allows for continuous improvement and innovation.

Monitoring and managing shadow IT can be challenging, particularly with cloud-based solutions. However, a combination of network monitoring and cost controls can help identify where shadow IT exists. Once identified, IT should maintain communication with the shadow IT team, tracking the project’s scope and timelines. If the project appears to be ongoing, negotiation for integration into production IT processes can ensure proper vulnerability management, resource planning, upgrades, and business continuity.

Overall, instead of blocking shadow IT initiatives, IT should aim to understand, prioritize, and support these projects. By partnering with other departments, identifying real security risks, leveraging the benefits of shadow IT, and effectively managing these initiatives, IT departments can foster collaboration and drive innovation within the organization.

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