Home Technology Amazon makes Bedrock generative AI service widely available.

Amazon makes Bedrock generative AI service widely available.

Amazon makes Bedrock generative AI service widely available.

Amazon has officially launched its service called Bedrock, which provides a choice of generative AI models from Amazon itself and third-party partners through an API. Bedrock allows AWS customers to build apps and customize them using generative AI models, enabling the creation of AI “agents” that can perform various tasks such as booking travel and managing inventory. In the future, Bedrock will include the open source language model Llama 2 from Meta, along with models from other partners. Amazon claims that Bedrock is the first fully managed generative AI service to offer Llama 2, although it has been available on other platforms such as Google’s Vertex AI.

While comparable to Google’s Vertex AI, Bedrock offers advantages including integration with existing AWS services, such as AWS PrivateLink for secure connections. However, this advantage is subjective and dependent on the customer and their chosen cloud infrastructure. Swami Sivasubramanian, VP of data and AI at AWS, believes that Bedrock’s launch is a major milestone that brings generative AI to businesses of all sizes and employees in various roles. Additionally, Amazon has announced the rollout of its Titan Embeddings model, which converts text to numerical representations for search and personalization applications, supporting multiple languages and large volumes of text.

Despite a rocky start, with limited customer access following its initial demo, Amazon is making moves in the generative AI market. With its recent investment in AI startup Anthropic, Amazon is aiming to establish a strong presence in this lucrative industry.

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