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Apple Resolves Overheating Issues in iPhone 15


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Apple has acknowledged that some new iPhone models are running warmer than expected due to a bug in the iOS 17 software. The company stated that the issue will be addressed in an upcoming update. In addition to the software bug, Apple also mentioned that recent updates to certain third-party apps are causing them to overload the system, leading to increased device temperature. The affected apps include popular games such as Asphalt 9 and Instagram from Meta. However, Apple assured customers that the issue does not pose any safety or long-term performance risks.

According to Apple, the warm temperature experienced by some users is a result of increased background activity during device setup or restoration. This initial warm feeling is expected to subside after the initial usage period. The company emphasized that the design of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, with their new titanium shells, actually improves heat dissipation compared to previous models made of stainless steel.

Apple is actively working with app developers to resolve the issues caused by the third-party apps and has already fixed the overheating problem with Instagram. The upcoming bug fix in iOS 17 will address the software-related temperature concerns, but it will not impact the overall performance of the iPhone. Ultimately, Apple reassured customers that the overheating issue is temporary and does not compromise the safety or long-term functionality of the device.

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