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Apple to release software update for iPhone 15 addressing overheating concerns


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Apple has announced that it will release a software update to address customer complaints about the new iPhone 15 models overheating. The company acknowledges that a combination of bugs in iOS 17, bugs in apps, and the initial set-up period of the phones are causing increased heat generation. Users have been reporting on forums, social media, and Reddit that all four models of the iPhone 15 can become hotter than expected during use. However, Apple has stated that the issue is not related to the redesigned titanium enclosures of the high-end models. Instead, it is a software issue that can be resolved with upcoming updates.

To address the problem, Apple will release a software update that will fix the bugs in iOS 17 and work with app developers to fix the issues caused by recent updates to third-party apps. The company assures customers that the forthcoming update will not impact the performance of the devices. Apple’s website also states that it is normal for devices to become warm during heavy usage, and as long as there is no temperature warning, the phones are safe to use. Despite the overheating issue, the new iPhone 15 models have been selling well, with long wait times and lines in front of Apple stores on launch day.

While Apple has faced launch issues in the past, such as the iPhone 4’s design flaw and the iPhone 5’s buggy Apple Maps, these problems did not significantly impact the company’s long-term outlook. However, some analysts, such as Ming-Chi Kuo, have suggested that the heat problem of the iPhone 15 models could potentially affect sales. Overall, Apple is working to address the overheating issue through software updates and collaboration with app developers, aiming to ensure a better user experience for customers.

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