Home Technology Baldur’s Gate 3 Dev Grooms Cat in Response to Player Criticism

Baldur’s Gate 3 Dev Grooms Cat in Response to Player Criticism

Baldur’s Gate 3 Dev Grooms Cat in Response to Player Criticism

The latest hotfix patch for the video game Baldur’s Gate 3 has generated excitement among fans. The patch addresses an issue with an NPC character named His Majesty, a cat found in the Last Light Inn. Initially, His Majesty was mistakenly given the same appearance as another cat character called Steelclaw. The developer, Larian Studios, released a patch to fix this error, giving His Majesty fur as intended. However, some players preferred the cat’s hairless appearance, leading to a backlash. In response, Larian Studios released another hotfix patch that shaved His Majesty once again, satisfying fans who preferred the cat to be hairless.

To distinguish between His Majesty and Steelclaw, Larian Studios also changed the color of Steelclaw’s eyes, ensuring that the two characters no longer looked identical. Fans took to Twitter to express their appreciation for the studio’s decision to revert His Majesty to a Sphynx cat. The patch also addressed various crashes and issues in the game, including a bug where companions transferred important items to the player upon dismissal. Overall, players hailed the latest patch as a significant moment in gaming history.

In addition to the changes made to His Majesty, Larian Studios included several other fixes and updates in the hotfix patch. These include restoring Raphael’s hair color and horns, resolving crashes, fixing visual issues, and ensuring Twitch drops can be claimed on PlayStation 5. Overall, the patch notes demonstrate the studio’s commitment to addressing player feedback and improving the overall gaming experience.

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