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Blu-ray Release Unveils the Predator’s Deadly Arsenal

Blu-ray Release Unveils the Predator’s Deadly Arsenal

The critically acclaimed and thrilling movie, “Prey,” which serves as a prequel to the “Predator” franchise, will be receiving its own 4K/Blu-ray release next week. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg, the film follows the story of Naru, a young Comanche woman who finds herself engaged in a battle against a mysterious creature. This creature bears a striking resemblance to the Predators that fans of the franchise saw decades ago. Although “Prey” initially premiered on Hulu, its physical release will include several special features, and io9 has an exclusive clip from the bonus content.

One of the special features included in the physical release is a making-of documentary that explores the origins of “Prey” and the efforts made to bring authenticity to the story. It also delves into the intense physical training the cast endured and the impressive effects work that brought the iconic Predator back to the screen. Additionally, the release includes a panel discussion featuring director Dan Trachtenberg, actor Amber Midthunder, and other members of the cast and crew. The discussion provides further insights into the making of the film.

Fans can also enjoy alternative opening scenes, deleted scenes, and an audio commentary by Trachtenberg, Midthunder, and other members of the production team. The 4K/Blu-ray release of “Prey” is set to hit stores on October 3, with exclusive editions available at Best Buy. For those who prefer streaming, the movie will still be available on Hulu. This release offers fans the chance to delve deeper into the world of “Prey” and experience the excitement of the movie from the comfort of their own homes.

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