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Brotherhood of Steel Airship Sparks Debate on Fallout 4 Canon Ending


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The Fallout TV show has sparked speculation among fans regarding the canon ending of Fallout 4, as the appearance of the Brotherhood of Steel airship has led some to believe that the events of the show align with one of the main endings of the game. The airship, believed to be the Prydwen from Fallout 4, suggests that certain endings of the game may not be considered canon, with some fans leaning towards the Brotherhood of Steel or Minutemen endings as the most likely candidates.

Despite initial reports that the airship in the Fallout TV show was named the ‘Caswennan’, recent evidence from eagle-eyed fans indicates that it is actually the Prydwen, leading to further speculation about the canonical ending of Fallout 4. This revelation has sparked discussion among fans about the show’s place within the wider Fallout lore and how it moves the story forward, with the confirmed canon status of the show setting the stage for potential future seasons and new adventures in the Fallout universe.

The Fallout TV show’s attention to detail and incorporation of elements from the games has captivated fans, with discussions ranging from the fate of Shady Sands to debates about character XP levels. As fans eagerly anticipate a potential second season, IGN continues to provide in-depth coverage of the show, including analysis of Easter eggs and details pulled directly from the games, further immersing viewers in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout.

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