Home Technology ChatGPT Regains Internet Browsing Capabilities, Limited to 13 Words

ChatGPT Regains Internet Browsing Capabilities, Limited to 13 Words

ChatGPT Regains Internet Browsing Capabilities, Limited to 13 Words

OpenAI recently announced a major advancement in its ChatGPT AI assistant. Initially limited to information up until September 2021, ChatGPT can now browse the internet in real-time to provide up-to-date and authoritative information. The new feature, called Browse with Bing, allows the AI assistant to look up information and provide direct links to relevant sources. This update is particularly beneficial for tasks that require current information, such as technical research, choosing a bike, or planning a vacation. The browsing capability was previously available to Plus subscribers but was removed due to misuse. OpenAI plans to expand this feature to all users soon.

The introduction of the Browse with Bing feature marks a significant advancement for ChatGPT. Previously, the AI assistant’s knowledge base was limited to data that ended in September 2021. This update allows ChatGPT to access and provide information from the internet in real-time, ensuring it can answer the most modern queries. During browsing, the AI assistant operates within the normal Bing Chat window and notifies the user when it is searching the web for information. It also provides citation links to ensure the information is backed by reliable sources. OpenAI recognizes the usefulness of this feature for tasks that rely on up-to-date information and plans to make it available to all users, starting with Plus and Enterprise subscribers.

While this is not the first time ChatGPT has had web browsing capabilities, it is a significant development for the AI assistant. In the past, Plus subscribers had access to web browsing, but it was ultimately discontinued due to misuse aimed at bypassing paywalls. OpenAI’s recent announcement follows another major update introducing ChatGPT’s new multimodal functions earlier in the week. With these continuous advancements, ChatGPT is becoming a more versatile and powerful AI assistant, with the ability to provide real-time information, support voice chats, and handle image-based queries.

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