Home Technology Cracking ‘Connections’: Insights and Solutions for Solving ‘Connections’ #108 – NYT

Cracking ‘Connections’: Insights and Solutions for Solving ‘Connections’ #108 – NYT

Cracking ‘Connections’: Insights and Solutions for Solving ‘Connections’ #108 – NYT

The latest word game by The New York Times, called Connections, has become a popular hit among players. Created by associate puzzle editor Wyna Liu, Connections requires players to find common threads between four words and group them accordingly. Each puzzle consists of 16 words divided into four categories, and players must correctly identify the grouping to remove those words from the board. The game gets increasingly difficult with each new set of words, and players have up to four mistakes before the game ends. Connections can be played on both web browsers and mobile devices.

To make spotting connections easier, players have the ability to rearrange and shuffle the board. The groupings are color-coded, with yellow being the easiest and purple being the most challenging. Additionally, players can share their results with friends on social media, much like the popular game Wordle. Today’s Connections categories include “Yields from a tree” (yellow), “Sweet Desserts” (green), “A victim of a crime” (blue), and “Objects with round openings” (purple).

For players who need a little extra help, the solutions for today’s puzzle are provided in the article. They include words such as ACORN, CONE, POLLEN, SAP for the category “Produced by Trees,” and CHOCOLATE, GUM, LICORICE, LOLLIPOP for “Candy Store Treats.” If players didn’t manage to solve today’s puzzle, they can look forward to a new set of Connections tomorrow. The article also mentions that hints and answers for the previous day’s Connections can be found as well.

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