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Destiny 2 addresses a long-standing issue after seven years.


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In its entire lifespan, Destiny 2 players have struggled with a persistent issue – the heads-up display (HUD). Due to a limitation on screen real estate, the game could only display four status messages at a time, leading to potential oversights on crucial timers or effects that could impact gameplay. However, after seven years since its release, Destiny 2 is finally addressing this problem in its upcoming expansion, The Final Shape.

The update to the HUD will allow for more information to be displayed on-screen by rearranging status messages to different parts of the HUD. Key information such as countdown timers for imminent death will now be positioned at the center and top of the screen, ensuring players do not miss important alerts. Additionally, status messages related to weapon buffs will appear above the Super meter, providing a clearer view of the player’s current status.

This significant change comes as Bungie continues to expand Destiny 2’s subclasses, adding more complex effects and abilities that require careful monitoring. With the introduction of new Prismatic subclasses that combine elements from existing ones, players will benefit greatly from the improved HUD system. The update will not only enhance the overall gaming experience but also ensure players are better equipped to tackle high-level activities like raids with increased efficiency.

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