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E.U. Law Paves Way for Clash on Disinformation


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The upcoming election in Slovakia is being overshadowed by a flood of disinformation and harmful content on social media platforms. This includes the spread of debunked Russian claims, false reports about the death of a parliamentary candidate from a Covid vaccine, and the manipulation of images to fuel racist sentiments. However, what sets this election apart is the implementation of a new European Union law called the Digital Services Act. This law aims to hold social media giants accountable for the content they host and popularize through their algorithms. Failure to comply with the law could result in fines of up to 6 percent of a company’s revenue.

The Digital Services Act is designed to prompt social media platforms to adopt new policies and practices to combat the dissemination of corrosive content. By addressing the routine hosting and promotion of harmful material, the law seeks to curtail the impact of disinformation on public discourse. If successful, the effects of the law could extend beyond Europe and potentially influence company policies in the United States and other regions. Experts and officials involved in the legislation are hopeful that this measure will create a safer online environment by holding social media giants accountable for the content they facilitate.

As Slovaks head to the polls on Saturday, the prevalence of disinformation highlights the urgency of implementing measures like the Digital Services Act. By addressing false information and harmful content on social media platforms, the law aims to protect democratic processes and public safety. The outcome of this election will serve as an important test case for the effectiveness of the new legislation. It remains to be seen whether these regulatory measures will successfully mitigate the impact of disinformation campaigns and strengthen the integrity of elections not only in Slovakia but also in other countries grappling with similar challenges.

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