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Electronic Arts officially puts ‘Dead Space’ franchise on hold.


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Electronic Arts Inc. has decided to halt production on the Dead Space series for the second time, even after the success of a critically acclaimed remake that was released last year. Despite the remake breathing new life into the franchise, the company made the difficult decision to shelve the sci-fi horror series. This news was revealed this week, but insiders say that EA had actually made the decision last spring.

The hopes for a new Dead Space game at Electronic Arts were dashed when sales of the remake fell short of the company’s expectations. This disappointing outcome ultimately led to the decision to put the series on hold once again. The move to pause production on Dead Space comes as a surprise to fans who were excited about the revitalization of the franchise, following the release of the successful remake.

Despite the setback, the future of the Dead Space series remains uncertain as Electronic Arts reevaluates its plans for the franchise. Fans and industry insiders alike are left wondering if this pause is temporary or if it signals the end of the beloved sci-fi horror series. Only time will tell what the future holds for Dead Space and whether it will eventually make a comeback.

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