Home Technology EVgo takes action to address non-functional EV chargers.

EVgo takes action to address non-functional EV chargers.

EVgo takes action to address non-functional EV chargers.

Electric vehicle (EV) owners are facing challenges with unreliable and damaged charging stations supplied by major players like ChargePoint, Electrify America, and EVgo. These stations often result in customers leaving without a recharge, creating frustration among EV owners. However, EVgo has announced its “ReNew” program, aimed at improving reliability at its stations. The program has already upgraded, replaced, or decommissioned 120 stalls in the first two quarters of this year. EVgo has also reduced station repair times and is building new stations with at least four stalls, many of which will feature six or more.

While EVgo is making efforts to address the issues, it still lags behind Tesla in terms of customer satisfaction on DC fast chargers, according to a recent J.D. Power survey. The survey also highlights that new EV owners may not have set realistic expectations regarding charging availability and reliability, as they may not have conducted thorough research compared to early adopters. EVgo is working on improving its customer service and providing education to assist new EV owners. This includes increasing staff for its customer service team and offering assistance with EV-related queries and charging support.

Ultimately, the expansion of the EV market has led to increased demand for charging stations, resulting in challenges for customers. However, efforts from companies like EVgo are aimed at addressing these issues and improving the overall charging experience for EV owners.

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