Home Technology Ex-Slack Growth Chief Creates Universal Growth-Tracking Platform

Ex-Slack Growth Chief Creates Universal Growth-Tracking Platform

Ex-Slack Growth Chief Creates Universal Growth-Tracking Platform

Panobi, a growth tracking platform founded by former Slack employee Merci Grace, has announced a $5 million seed funding round and the launch of a closed beta for its product. Grace and her co-founder, Jason Klym, were surprised to learn that many growth professionals were still tracking their metrics manually in spreadsheets or project management tools. Panobi aims to solve this problem by providing a platform designed specifically for growth managers. The product tracks user metrics in real time, connects to data warehouses like Snowflake, and offers collaboration features for different departments to share and understand growth data.

Growth tracking is a crucial aspect of business management, and yet many professionals still rely on inefficient manual methods. Recognizing the need for a dedicated tool, Panobi was created by Merci Grace, a former growth executive at Slack. With the launch of its closed beta, Panobi aims to streamline growth tracking for professionals by providing a platform that connects to data warehouses and offers real-time tracking of key metrics such as daily and monthly active users. This allows teams to easily monitor growth performance over time and collaborate across departments. Panobi’s unique approach to growth management has attracted significant investment, including participation from angel investors such as Slack co-founders Stewart Butterfield and Cal Henderson.

Panobi’s focus on collaboration sets it apart from other growth tracking tools. Recognizing the cross-functional nature of growth, Panobi allows different departments, including sales, to easily understand and access growth data. The platform also integrates with popular communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, making it easier for teams to share and discuss growth metrics. To cater to different user needs, Panobi plans to introduce both paid editor seats for regular product interaction and free viewer seats for those who need only data visibility. With its seed funding and experienced team, Panobi aims to fill the gap in the market for a comprehensive growth tracking solution and revolutionize the way businesses monitor their growth.

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