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Game Studio Closes Due to Internal Leaks Blamed on Media.


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Possibility Space, a game studio founded by Jeff Strain, the creator of State of Decay, has unexpectedly shut down. Former employees shared the news on social media, citing a LinkedIn post from Jennifer Lane, who works as a live director/social systems director at the studio. The post mentioned the closure of the company and highlighted the talented individuals now seeking new opportunities in design, engineering, art, and community roles. Strain himself addressed the closure in an email blaming the cancellation of a major project on internal leaks to the press, specifically calling out Kotaku senior reporter Ethan Gach as the source of confidential information.

The closure of Possibility Space was a result of the decision to cancel a major project, Project Vonnegut, due to internal studio leaks. Strain expressed disappointment over leaks of confidential information, which led to discussions with the publishing partner and eventually the mutual decision to cancel the game. The sudden closure of the studio led to immediate termination of employment for all staff, with final paychecks and other obligations being handled as per work location and contractual terms. Strain also announced his departure from the game industry to focus on personal matters, indicating a significant shift in his career trajectory and the future of the studio.

Founded in 2021 under the Prytania Media label, Possibility Space represented a promising venture for Strain and his wife, Annie Delisi Strain. Unfortunately, the closure of the studio following the cancellation of Project Vonnegut signifies a challenging time for the game industry and the impact of internal leaks on development projects. As employees adjust to the sudden change and look for new opportunities in the industry, the closure of Possibility Space serves as a cautionary tale on the importance of maintaining confidentiality and trust within game development studios.

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