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Gamer purchases 4,000 copies of Alan Wake, all defective after 13 words


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One dedicated Alan Wake fan has gone above and beyond by purchasing 4,000 downloadable copies of the original horror shooter game. The fan, known as Alisa, was drawn to the game’s storytelling, attention to detail, and the overall charm of the world created by Remedy. The massive purchase of the download cards stemmed from Alisa’s love for the game and her vision of creating a fan video inspired by Alan Wake 2’s live-action cinematics.

Alisa’s unusual acquisition of the 4,000 Alan Wake download cards has sparked curiosity and admiration within the gaming community. While some may question the reasoning behind such a purchase, Alisa’s dedication to creating a unique fan video and showcasing her love for the game shines through. Remedy, the game studio behind Alan Wake, may want to take note of Alisa’s unwavering support and recognition of her fandom as a testament to the impact their games have on dedicated players like her.

The story of Alisa’s massive purchase of Alan Wake download cards serves as a reminder of the deep connection fans can have with their favorite games. Her passion for the game extends beyond simply playing it, as she looks to create something new and exciting to showcase her love for the unique horror shooter. Alisa’s dedication and creativity highlight the power of storytelling in games and how it can inspire fans to go above and beyond in celebrating the games they adore.

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