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Indie-inspired Doom Mod Turns Game into Epic Indiana Jones Adventure!


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The original Doom game, released in 1993, revolutionized the first-person shooter genre and continues to be played and modded today. However, the game lacked the Nazi-killing theme that its predecessor, Wolfenstein 3D, had. A new total conversion mod called Venturous has fixed this by transforming Doom into an Indiana Jones-inspired adventure where players search for the lost city of Atlantis. Developed by PixelFox, Venturous has gained popularity recently, offering players a unique and exciting experience within the Doom universe. The mod features heavy and powerful guns, as well as a play on darkness, where players must use a torch to navigate certain areas.

Venturous has seven maps spread across three areas, each introducing new weapons and enemies. The mod introduces new gameplay mechanics, such as limited ammo for the pistol and the ability to set enemies on fire by throwing a flaming torch at them. PixelFox, who previously created only two maps, spent a year learning how to create a total conversion mod pack in order to bring Venturous to life. The mod is available for free download, but players must first install GZDoom and use the data file from the original Doom game. Overall, Venturous offers a fresh and thrilling adventure for Doom enthusiasts and showcases the creativity and dedication of modders within the gaming community.

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