Home Technology Install macOS Sonoma Now, or Wait – The Choice is Yours

Install macOS Sonoma Now, or Wait – The Choice is Yours

Install macOS Sonoma Now, or Wait – The Choice is Yours

The news article discusses the release of macOS Sonoma and advises users to hold off on updating to the new operating system due to issues reported by app developers. While Sonoma is stable enough for Apple to release, users may encounter problems such as alarms not going off and battery drain issues on MacBook Pros. The article suggests waiting for a month or two to allow Apple to iron out the kinks and for app developers to catch up with the new code. It emphasizes the importance of avoiding unnecessary pain that may come with early adoption of new software.

In addition to the reported issues, the article highlights recent security bulletins in the Apple ecosystem and the company’s extensive experience with older versions of MacOS. It suggests that the older versions may be more reliable as Apple has had more time to understand their intricacies. The article recommends waiting before updating to macOS Sonoma to avoid potential problems and mentions the author’s personal experience of waiting almost two years before upgrading to Windows 11.

Furthermore, the article provides an overview of the new features and improvements introduced in macOS Sonoma. These include a new Game Mode for enhanced gaming performance, desktop widgets, new screensavers, an iPadOS-like Lock Screen, and video conferencing improvements in FaceTime. Safari also boasts privacy and security enhancements, such as blocking web trackers completely. The article advises users who decide to update to back up their data first and reminds them that they can revert to macOS Ventura if necessary.

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