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iPhone 15: The Year’s Hottest Gadget, Literally


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The release of the iPhone 15 Pro has been met with complaints from users about the device getting unusually hot. Some users posted videos showing temperatures reaching 42 degrees Celsius, and others took to support forums and Reddit to express their concerns. While some users have experienced no issues, others have reported the phone getting hot during charging, gaming, and even when not in use. Analysts have suggested that the heat issues may be the result of compromises made in the device’s design to reduce weight, such as the use of a titanium frame that doesn’t dissipate heat as effectively as the previous stainless steel frame.

Apple’s tech support team has been fielding questions about overheating and referring customers to an existing support page that mentions the possibility of the phone getting warm during certain activities. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the issue is not related to the chip but rather to design compromises. It is unclear how much of the issue is due to the new architecture and how much is caused by users pushing the phone to its limits. Some have speculated that Apple may release a patch to reduce the phone’s processing load and address the overheating issue.

Despite the complaints, early indications suggest that iPhone 15 Pro sales are strong, as shipping dates have been pushed back. The heating concerns may not have a significant impact on sales, and scalpers have already taken advantage of the high demand for the device. It remains to be seen if Apple will address the issue with an update in the near future. If users are concerned about the heating problem, they may choose to wait for the next iteration of the iPhone to see if the issues have been resolved.

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