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Is the horror game genre experiencing a golden age of popularity?


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The horror genre in video games is experiencing a “golden age” as games like Resident Evil 4 Remake and Dead Space top the sales charts. According to industry insiders, the interactivity of video games allows for a deeper level of immersion and creates tension that films and TV cannot achieve. Horror game makers often limit players’ abilities and make them feel powerless to ramp up fear. For example, Red Barrels, the developer behind the Outlast series, used a first-person view to make scares more effective. Supermassive Games, on the other hand, focuses on creating playable horror movies with branching narratives and motion-captured performances.

Developers refine scares by testing their games on fresh victims, observing their reactions, and making adjustments accordingly. Multiplayer features have become popular in horror games, allowing players to play together or watch others’ reactions. The horror genre in video games is also looking to explore new ways to engage fans, such as through new experiences based on popular franchises or advancements in motion capture technology. While virtual reality (VR) has potential, developers acknowledge that it may still take time for it to fully integrate into the gaming industry due to factors like motion sickness and cost barriers.

In conclusion, the horror genre in video games is thriving due to the unique experience and interactivity it offers. Developers utilize strategies like limiting players’ abilities and observing fresh players’ reactions to create effective scares. Multiplayer features and advancements in technology present new opportunities for the horror genre. While VR has potential, it may take time for it to become widely adopted. Nonetheless, the popularity of horror games suggests that the genre will continue to evolve and capture the interest of players.

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