Home Technology Knife in Counter-Strike ignites, leaving 2 players baffled

Knife in Counter-Strike ignites, leaving 2 players baffled

Knife in Counter-Strike ignites, leaving 2 players baffled

A Counter-Strike 2 player had a bewildering experience when their in-game knife unexpectedly caught fire during a round on the Overpass map. Counter-Strike 2, which was released on September 27, has garnered attention for both its graphical improvements and map overhauls, as well as the numerous bugs and issues that have arisen since its launch. A Reddit post shared footage of the player’s knife bursting into flames, causing astonishment in the community.

In the video clip, the player can be seen switching to a Molotov and throwing it towards the waterlogged area near the B site on Overpass. However, when they switched back to their knife, it was inexplicably ablaze, with the blade engulfed in fire. The player, taken aback by this unexpected occurrence, retreated to a safer location to try to comprehend what was happening. Despite the player’s attempts to extinguish the flames by swiping the blade, the fire persisted. Ultimately, the round concluded before the player had a chance to show off their fiery knife skin to the enemy team.

This incident is just one example of the issues that players of Counter-Strike 2 have faced since the game’s release. Game-breaking bugs, such as elements from the Mirage map appearing in other maps and causing vision problems, have been reported. Additionally, players have criticized the underwhelming launch of the game and expressed frustration with laggy servers. Despite these challenges, Counter-Strike 2 has achieved impressive success, with a peak player count of over 1.3 million players. However, the community still desires a more polished and refined Counter-Strike experience.

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