Home Technology LG introduces the Gram Fold, joining the flexible-screen laptop trend.

LG introduces the Gram Fold, joining the flexible-screen laptop trend.

LG introduces the Gram Fold, joining the flexible-screen laptop trend.

LG has unveiled its first-ever foldable laptop, joining the trend in the technology industry. The LG Gram Fold is a touchscreen device that can be used as a tablet or a computer when fully unfolded. It features a 17-inch OLED display with a QXGA+ resolution, and users can connect it to a Bluetooth keyboard for workstation-like usage. The foldable laptop also supports stylus pens for artistic projects. LG claims that the device’s display can withstand up to 30,000 folds without damage, and it is powered by a 13th generation Intel Core i5 processor with fast RAM.

When folded, the LG Gram Fold’s top section becomes a 12-inch screen, while the bottom transforms into a keyboard. It offers versatility for users who need different functionality. Samsung’s foldable Galaxy phones undergo about 200,000 hinge tests, emphasizing their robustness. However, as people tend to access their phones more frequently than computers or tablets, LG’s laptop aims to address the requirements of both categories of devices and their usage patterns. The LG Gram Fold comes with Windows 11 pre-installed and includes Sync On Mobile for easy data transfer from a phone. Initially, it will be released exclusively in Korea in October, priced at 4.99 million won ($3,700), making it a more affordable alternative to HP’s $5,000 Spectre Fold.

Overall, the LG Gram Fold introduces a new player to the emerging foldable laptop market. It offers a large OLED display and the convenience of using it as a tablet or a computer, catering to various user needs. LG assures users that the device can endure 30,000 folds without affecting the display. With its powerful Intel Core i5 processor and fast RAM, it promises efficient performance. Scheduled for release in October, the foldable laptop will initially be available in Korea. The pricing, at 4.99 million won ($3,700), establishes it as a more budget-friendly option compared to other foldable laptops in the market. Furthermore, early buyers will receive a mouse and a stylus as complimentary gifts, adding value to the purchase.

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