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Logitech introduces new AI button for easy access in just 8 words.


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Logitech has introduced a new feature called the Logi AI Prompt Builder, which allows users to summon ChatGPT with the press of a dedicated button on their mouse or keyboard. This feature not only provides access to a chatbot but also offers preset “recipes” to prompt the AI, such as rephrasing text, creating bullet points, summarizing paragraphs, and more. Users can customize prompts to generate images, reply to emails, and perform other tasks with just a click.

Although the Logi AI Prompt Builder offers potential usefulness, some limitations exist. Users may need to purchase a new Logitech mouse to access the feature, as older models may not be compatible. Additionally, the software may launch at inconvenient times and require users to use a separate browser tab for ChatGPT. Logitech will release a special edition M750 mouse with a dedicated AI button, but users can also map the feature to other Logitech devices through the Logi Options+ software.

At the moment, the Logi AI Prompt Builder is compatible only with ChatGPT and operates exclusively in English. However, Logitech is working on integrating the feature with other chatbots in the future. The introduction of this technology reflects a growing trend in the tech industry to combine AI capabilities with hardware peripherals, potentially leading to a new era of AI-powered PC interactions. As more companies explore similar ideas, users may soon have multiple AI buttons on their keyboards, each tailored to different chatbot services.

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