Home Technology Lost Ark’s October Update: Exciting News Announcement

Lost Ark’s October Update: Exciting News Announcement

Lost Ark’s October Update: Exciting News Announcement

The October Update for the game “Heroes of Arkesia” is set to arrive on October 11th, bringing new content and challenges for players. In order to prepare for the update, the Item Level requirements and other prerequisites have been revealed. One of the major additions is Pleccia, a new continent that can be visited by players with an Item Level of 1475 or higher. To start the questline in Pleccia, players must first complete the “Call of Destiny” quest. Pleccia is described as a place of romance, art, and freedom, with stunning views and unique NPCs to interact with. The story in Pleccia revolves around solving mysteries related to the Vediche family, the priests of Sacria, and an old friend. After completing the story, players can search for collectible items to earn special rewards and unlock hidden achievements exclusive to Pleccia.

Another challenge introduced in the update is the Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid, which offers a difficult experience similar to the Inferno difficulty of Legion Raids. To enter this raid, players need to set up their build using the ‘Book of Coordination’, complete Raid Level 1: Defeat Vertus, and reach an Item Level of 1250. Successful completion of the raid will reward players with prestigious achievements and a Legendary Title. The raid also features a leaderboard to showcase the first clear in the region and the fastest clear time. To encourage participation, the raid will be open at a more convenient time for all regions on October 14th at 7PM UTC.

Players of “Heroes of Arkesia” can look forward to the exciting new content coming in the October Update. Stay tuned for the full release notes next week and enjoy exploring the new continent of Pleccia and conquering the challenges of the Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid.

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