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Misconceptions of Luxury in Childhood

Misconceptions of Luxury in Childhood

As children, many of us had false notions of what constituted luxury and sophistication. This article explores a thread from AskReddit that delves into the childhood perceptions of extravagance that turned out to be quite ordinary as adults. From thinking that a club sandwich at a restaurant was the height of sophistication, to believing that owning a 120-pack of colored pencils made you a part of the elite, these responses show how our definitions of luxury evolve over time.

One respondent reminisces about feeling like an adult when ordering a Shirley Temple at a “fancy” restaurant, complete with a skinny straw and a maraschino cherry. Another believed that having a two-story house automatically meant that you were rich. It’s interesting to note how specific food items such as sun-dried tomatoes or shrimp were seen as absolute luxury, often associated with celebrating good grades or special occasions.

Other childhood misconceptions involved brands like Adidas being perceived as “designer” for those who couldn’t afford the real thing, or television dinners being seen as haute cuisine when shared with cousins during sleepovers. The list also includes items like different types of bottled water, hummus at fancy parties, and even Grey Poupon mustard, which was thought to be an exclusive delicacy from France.

Overall, these responses shed light on the whimsical and imaginative nature of childhood perceptions of luxury. As we grow older, we come to realize that what once seemed extravagant was often quite ordinary or even mundane. These childhood notions of sophistication serve as a reminder to find joy in the simple pleasures and to appreciate the things that truly bring us happiness, rather than the false markers of wealth and luxury.

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