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Modder’s Work Uncredited in Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection

Modder’s Work Uncredited in Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection faced controversy even before its troubled launch last week. Initially, the game drew attention for including footage of a community-made mod in an official trailer, which developer Aspyr claimed did not contain any unauthorized content. However, recent reports reveal that traces of the mod by ‘iamshaymin’, featuring Asajj Ventress, were indeed found in the release build of the game. Despite efforts to patch and replace it with Aspyr’s version, the mod appeared to still exist in an earlier build, contradicting their earlier statement.

IGN shed light on this discovery, showcasing that iamashaymin’s Asajj Ventress mod was featured in the PS5 build without proper credit. The modder expressed confusion over this inclusion, as they were previously informed by Aspyr that it would not be part of the final product. As a result, the game’s launch was marred by controversy, with reports indicating that certain patches removed content that had supposedly been eliminated months earlier. Aspyr’s response to the community’s concerns acknowledged the mistake made in including unauthorized content in the game’s announcement footage.

The situation surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection highlights the challenges faced in the gaming industry when it comes to crediting modders and ensuring that all content used is properly licensed. The community’s vigilance in identifying discrepancies between promises made and the final product serves as a reminder of the importance of transparency and integrity in game development. As Aspyr addresses these issues, players continue to navigate through the game’s online multiplayer experience, sharing their feedback and insights on the Classic Collection’s performance on the Switch platform.

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