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New Grand Theft Auto Online Update Hints at GTA 6


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Rockstar’s recent update for Grand Theft Auto Online has provided a tantalizing hint about the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6. While no official details have been released by Rockstar, leaks suggest that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be set in Vice City and feature both male and female protagonists. Fans are eagerly awaiting the first trailer for the game, with hopes that it will be released this fall. The rumored launch window for Grand Theft Auto 6 is between April 2024 and March 2025.

The recent update for Grand Theft Auto Online has sparked excitement among fans, as it includes a clear tease for Grand Theft Auto 6. A major leak from last year seems to confirm rumors about the game’s setting in Vice City and the inclusion of male and female protagonists. Despite the lack of official confirmation, this update strongly suggests that Grand Theft Auto 6 is underway. However, the release of a trailer or any substantial information about the game is still unknown.

In addition to the hint in the update, Rockstar has yet to release any official news about Grand Theft Auto 6. Fans hope that the first trailer will be released soon, especially considering the game’s rumored launch window. It’s crucial for fans to remain cautious and not get their hopes up too high, as the tease in the update may not lead to immediate substantial information. Nonetheless, the anticipation continues to grow as fans eagerly await further news and details about Grand Theft Auto 6.

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