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Nintendo adds three classic games to Switch Online’s NES and Game Boy library.


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Nintendo has added new games to its Switch Online service, including two NES titles and a Game Boy title. The NES titles are “The Mysterious Murasame Castle” from 1986 and “Devil World” from 1984. “The Mysterious Murasame Castle” was previously released on the 3DS Virtual Console but never localized, while “Devil World” is Shigeru Miyamoto’s first console exclusive and is now receiving its first localized release in North America. The Game Boy title added is “Castlevania Legends” from 1998, a prequel to the original “Castlevania” game.

In “Devil World,” players must navigate mazes and avoid the devil’s machinations. The devil’s abilities in the game are also familiar to players of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where he appears as an Assist Trophy. “The Mysterious Murasame Castle” is set in feudal Japan, where a young samurai apprentice named Takamaru must use his sword and shuriken attacks to defeat enemies and uncover the source of evil at Murasame Castle. “Castlevania Legends” allows players to take on the role of Sonia Belmont, the first of the legendary Vampire Hunters, as she confronts the Prince of Darkness in an action-adventure game.

These new games have been added to the Switch Online service in the standard tier. In addition to their availability in North America, they have also been released in Japan. Nintendo fans can now enjoy these classic titles on their Switch consoles.

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