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Norwegian Horror Finds Its Home on Shudder

Norwegian Horror Finds Its Home on Shudder

Norwegian writer-director Kjersti Helen Raasmussen’s new film, entitled Nightmare, explores the terrifying experiences of a woman named Mona who is haunted by a malevolent dream demon. Mona and her boyfriend Robby move into a rundown apartment, unaware of its dark past and the fact that a pregnant woman died there. As Mona renovates the apartment alone, she is engulfed in a hostile environment that intensifies her night terrors. The nightmares become increasingly disturbing when Mona discovers she is pregnant but decides to get an abortion against the wishes of the dream demon. She seeks help from a sleep specialist and, armed with experimental technology, she hopes to escape the clutches of the malevolent entity.

Nightmare creates a compelling and unsettling story from a woman’s perspective, with Eili Harboe delivering a powerful performance as Mona. However, the film falls short in executing its ideas effectively. While the surreal dream sequences provide an element of intrigue, the story drags at times, and the confinement to the dreary apartment building doesn’t help maintain excitement. The film fails to fully explore the potential conspiracy angle or delve into the reasons behind the apartment building’s sinister aura. Additionally, character development is lacking, particularly with the sleep specialist Aksel. Nevertheless, the most horrifying aspect of Nightmare lies in Mona’s real-life experiences, particularly her mistreatment by her OB/GYN.

Overall, Nightmare offers a unique take on the horror genre, but it falls short of fully realizing its potential. Despite its atmospheric and spine-chilling moments, the film struggles to maintain a satisfying pace and fully develop its story and characters. However, Harboe’s performance remains a standout and adds emotional depth to the film. While Nightmare may not be a perfect addition to the genre, it still offers a distinct perspective and explores compelling themes surrounding motherhood, agency, and the supernatural.

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