Home Technology OnePlus Reveals Folding Phone on YouTube Video

OnePlus Reveals Folding Phone on YouTube Video

OnePlus Reveals Folding Phone on YouTube Video

OnePlus, a popular manufacturer of affordable high-spec Android phones, has showcased its upcoming foldable phone to the YouTube channel Unbox Therapy before its official release. The folding phone’s standout feature is its ability to fold completely flat, thanks to the innovative hinge design. OnePlus has filed 35 patents related to the hinge, with the aim of reducing weight and size while increasing strength. The OnePlus foldable has 31 fewer components in its hinge compared to the Oppo Find N2, making it more compact and robust.

While Apple dominates major smartphone markets like the US and Japan, it has yet to venture into the foldable phone category. This absence allows companies like Samsung and Google to differentiate themselves and potentially attract Apple users. Foldables are an emerging segment in the smartphone market, with shipments increasing by 10% despite an overall decline in smartphone shipments. However, Samsung recently reduced its foldable production targets due to excess inventory.

Critics have raised concerns about OnePlus losing its identity and becoming more similar to Oppo since the two companies merged. There has been a gradual increase in prices and a perceived lack of innovation. Nonetheless, OnePlus claims that the merging of the companies has strengthened their research and development capabilities, leading to the launch of industry-leading technologies. The upcoming OnePlus foldable appears to be a return to the brand’s original DNA, featuring the unlock slider and a familiar design. An official release date has yet to be announced, but Indian actress Anushka Sharma was seen with a folding phone resembling the OnePlus foldable.

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