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Possible USB-C Cable Issue Causing CarPlay Malfunction for iPhone 15 Users.


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Some iPhone 15 users are experiencing issues with CarPlay, and it is believed to be related to the transition to USB-C. Many complaints have been reported by MacRumors readers and Reddit users who are unable to get CarPlay to work with their new devices. The problem seems to stem from the use of USB-A to USB-C cables, as many cars only have USB-A ports and not USB-C ports. However, not all USB-A to USB-C cables on the market are compatible, causing functionality problems for some users.

While some individuals have had success using Belkin’s BoostCharge USB-A to USB-C cable, others have not. Trying different cables from known brands with data transfer support appears to be the best solution for getting CarPlay to work. However, some users have not been able to get CarPlay to work even with Apple’s adapters and cables. Apple is reportedly aware of the issue and working on a fix, which could involve a software update to improve cable compatibility or clearer guidance on compatible USB-C cables for the new iPhones.

The CarPlay issues primarily affect car owners with USB-A ports, but there are also reports of problems from users with USB-C ports and even wireless CarPlay. One theory suggests that VPNs may be responsible for some connection issues, although turning off a VPN does not solve the problem for everyone. With a wide range of reports, it appears that there are multiple CarPlay issues currently, and both users and Apple may need to make adjustments to resolve these problems.

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