Home Technology QED and Partech support South African payment platform Revio with $5.2M seed funding.

QED and Partech support South African payment platform Revio with $5.2M seed funding.

QED and Partech support South African payment platform Revio with $5.2M seed funding.

Revio, a South African fintech company, has raised $5.2 million in seed funding to address the fragmented payment landscape in Africa. The company provides payment orchestration services to streamline the order-to-cash lifecycles of businesses and handle payment failures caused by various factors. With the African digital payments market projected to reach $146 billion in 2023, Revio aims to tackle the challenges posed by the immense fragmentation of the payments ecosystem in the region. The recent funding round includes investors such as QED and Partech, signaling the relevance and potential of Revio’s product.

Revio offers an end-to-end payment value chain through its API, enabling merchants to connect to over 70 payment methods and service providers. This allows businesses to enhance payment success rates by utilizing transaction routing, automated failover and retries, and real-time customer engagement workflows. The startup also addresses payment failures through its revenue recovery use case, which includes engaging customers and providing alternative payment methods such as cash or flexible payment plans. In the past year, Revio has experienced impressive growth, with a 1,000% increase in revenue.

While Revio currently serves around 50 customers, it focuses on attracting large-scale enterprises with complex payment needs. The startup aims to dominate in the enterprise sales space by targeting high-value clients with multiple markets in Africa or those involved in recurring revenue businesses. Its client base includes major insurers and telcos in the continent. Moving forward, Revio plans to target global retailers serving the African market and expand its technological capabilities, team, and cross-border reconciliation settlement capabilities with the newly raised funds.

In conclusion, Revio’s latest funding round highlights the importance of addressing the fragmented payment landscape in Africa. With its payment orchestration services and a focus on high-value clients, the company aims to unlock increased e-commerce and digital payment activity in the region. The participation of prominent investors in the seed round further demonstrates the potential for growth and success in solving payment challenges in Africa.

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