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Ranking of climate change responses from GOP candidate in 13 words or less


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The first GOP debate featured eight Republican presidential candidates, and during the event, they were asked to raise their hands if they believed human behavior was causing climate change. The responses from the candidates ranged from dismissive to outright denial of climate change as an issue. Former UN ambassador Nikki Haley admitted that climate change is real but shifted the blame onto China and India, stating that they should lower their emissions. South Carolina Senator Tim Scott downplayed the severity of climate change and suggested that bringing jobs back to the US from China would improve the environment. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis deflected the question by ranting about the “corporate media” and criticizing President Joe Biden. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie avoided answering the question altogether and made derogatory remarks about his rival candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. Finally, Ramaswamy claimed that the climate change agenda is a hoax and advocated for embracing domestic energy, including fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Overall, the GOP candidates’ responses to the climate change question were disappointing. Instead of addressing the urgency and seriousness of the climate crisis, many of them resorted to deflecting blame or making derogatory comments. It is concerning that some candidates, like DeSantis and Ramaswamy, could not provide a clear yes or no answer regarding human-caused climate change. The lack of meaningful discussion and engagement on this critical issue raises doubts about their commitment to addressing climate change and protecting the environment. This debate highlights the importance of electing leaders who prioritize environmental sustainability and take action to combat climate change for the sake of future generations.

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