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Report: Developers instructed to ready games for PS5 Pro with emphasis on ray tracing.


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The recent leak of the specifications for the PS5 Pro has now been confirmed by a report from The Verge, indicating that Sony is instructing developers to optimize their games for the upgraded hardware. Specifically, Sony is focusing on enhancing ray tracing support in games already available or upcoming for the PS5. Developers who provide significant improvements to their games will be able to use a special “Trinity Enhanced” label, similar to the Xbox Series X optimization label used by Microsoft for their games.

Several games on the PS5, such as Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and Spider-Man 2, already support ray tracing, but their performance varies. The PS5 Pro will feature PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling (PSSR), a supersampling technology that can improve performance without requiring additional power. Despite this, experts have raised concerns about the PS5 Pro’s ability to run highly anticipated games like GTA 6 at 60FPS, even with these enhancements. Analysts have suggested that Sony may release the PS5 Pro later this year, although an official release date has not been announced yet.

The introduction of the PS5 Pro, with enhanced specifications and features like PSSR, suggests a significant upgrade from the base PS5. Sony’s focus on optimizing games for the new hardware indicates a commitment to providing a better gaming experience for players. As the debate around the PS5 Pro’s capabilities continues, gamers eagerly await more information on how these enhancements will impact upcoming titles like GTA 6.

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