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Review of Final Fantasy XVI: The Rising Tide on PS5


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The Rising Tide is the final expansion for Final Fantasy 16, providing players with an additional chapter in the story of Clive Rosfield. Set in the northern region of Mysidia, Clive and his companions encounter the Water Motes, a marginalized group seeking to right the wrongs of their ancestors. The DLC not only adds depth to the game’s lore but also introduces new characters like Shula with a distinctive Geordie accent.

The central questline of The Rising Tide takes around five hours to complete, offering players a mix of main and side missions to explore. The environmental design in this expansion is breathtaking, featuring some of the most visually stunning locations on the PS5. Boss battles remain a highlight, pushing the combat system to new levels of excitement and challenge, with Clive gaining powerful new abilities that enhance the gameplay experience.

Overall, The Rising Tide successfully expands upon the strengths of the base game, providing a satisfying conclusion that adds even more depth to Final Fantasy 16. The inclusion of the Kairos Gate, a series of endgame combat trials, further enhances the gameplay experience by challenging players to master Clive’s skills in increasingly difficult encounters. Fans of the fast-paced action and flashy combat of Final Fantasy 16 will find The Rising Tide to be a worthy addition to the game’s universe.

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