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Samsung develops game-changing smaller, detachable memory module for PCs.


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Samsung has announced the development of a low-power compression attached memory module (LPCAMM), which it claims is the first of its kind in the industry and will be available on Intel platforms in 2024. LPCAMM combines the advantages of LPDDR DRAM and DDR-based So-DIMMs, offering a compact and detachable form factor. Samsung believes that LPCAMM has the potential to revolutionize the PC and laptop DRAM market, as well as data centers. This new form factor takes up less surface area on the motherboard, increases performance by up to 50%, and improves power efficiency by up to 70%.

The advantage of LPDDR DRAM is its compactness, while So-DIMMs are detachable and convenient for repairs. However, both have limitations in terms of performance and design. Samsung’s LPCAMM addresses these limitations by providing a detachable yet compact form factor. This flexibility during production is beneficial for PC and laptop manufacturers. The new module offers a reduction of up to 60% in mounted surface area on the motherboard compared to So-DIMMs. Additionally, it improves performance by up to 50% and power efficiency by up to 70%.

Besides its potential in PCs and laptops, LPCAMM is also attracting interest from data centers and servers due to its power efficiency. Previously, the permanent attachment of LPDDR to motherboards required data centers and servers to replace the entire motherboard during upgrades to their DRAM specifications. However, with LPCAMM’s detachability and power efficiency, this issue can be addressed. Samsung is collaborating with Intel and other major customers to test LPCAMM on next-generation PC systems for its planned launch in 2024.

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