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Sign up now for World of Warcraft: The War Within beta testing.


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The upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft, titled The War Within, is now open for beta testing sign-ups. This expansion, part of the Worldsoul Saga, will take players deep into the heart of Azeroth to explore new subterranean kingdoms and encounter ancient cultures like the Earthen Dwarves and Nerubians of Azj-Kahet. Exciting new features announced include Delves for 1-5 players, Warbands, dynamic flight for mounts, new dungeons and raids, Hero Talents, and more.

Blizzard has announced that beta testing for The War Within will begin soon, with interested players able to sign up on the official website for a chance to participate. The testing period will see regular invitations sent out to players, ensuring that everyone has a chance to join in. Players who receive invitations will need to update their graphics drivers, run the Battle.net desktop app, select World of Warcraft and The War Within for installation, create a new test character, and explore the available content.

While there is no confirmed release date for The War Within expansion, Blizzard’s roadmap suggests a likely launch sometime in the summer. The beta test announcement states that the expansion will be out “on or before December 31, 2024”, giving players an exciting opportunity to experience the new content ahead of its full release. Interested players can prepare for the beta testing phase by signing up and following the instructions provided to join in on the adventure.

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