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Sonic Frontiers’ Last Horizon Update: Crushing Players’ Challenge

Sonic Frontiers’ Last Horizon Update: Crushing Players’ Challenge

Sega’s latest update for Sonic Frontiers, titled The Final Horizon, has been met with mixed reactions from players. While some are excited about the new challenges and difficulty spike, others are finding it frustrating and even unfair. The update introduces new characters and a new story, but it also brings with it trial towers without checkpoints and a tough new boss named Tank+. Some players have reported that the game now requires perfect parrying of enemies during trials. Despite the difficulty, the update does offer a new Super Sonic form that players can enjoy.

The Final Horizon update for Sonic Frontiers has split the player community into two camps. Some players appreciate the increased difficulty and see it as a welcome update to the game. They enjoy the challenge and find it engaging. However, other players are frustrated and feel that the difficulty spike is unfair and even spiteful. They argue that the game has shifted from fun and challenging to an unnecessarily difficult and cheap experience. Some players are hopeful that Sega will release patches to address the heightened difficulty, particularly in boss fights.

Amidst the mixed reception, one positive aspect of The Final Horizon update is the introduction of a new Super Sonic form. This form not only looks visually appealing but also has the potential to assist players in overcoming the game’s final set of challenges. It remains to be seen whether players will find this new addition helpful in their quest to conquer the difficult tasks ahead. Overall, Sonic Frontiers’ final free content update has sparked a range of reactions, leaving players divided between those who relish the increased difficulty and those who wish for a more balanced and enjoyable experience.

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