Home Technology Spotify: Auto-Generated Transcripts Enhance Millions of Podcasts.

Spotify: Auto-Generated Transcripts Enhance Millions of Podcasts.

Spotify: Auto-Generated Transcripts Enhance Millions of Podcasts.

Spotify is expanding its auto-generated podcast transcript feature to more creators, which will be available to users in the coming weeks. These transcripts will be time-synced, allowing listeners to visually follow along with the podcast as it progresses. By providing a text version of the episode, the feature enhances accessibility and enables users to skip around or skim through the content without having to listen to the entire episode. Spotify plans to make the tool available for millions of podcast episodes and is also considering incorporating media into the transcripts in the future.

In addition to transcripts, mobile podcast listeners worldwide will now be able to navigate through episodes using chapters. Podcasters can include time-stamped chapters that provide brief descriptions of each segment, allowing listeners to preview topics or start listening at specific points of interest. This feature enables a more streamlined and convenient listening experience.

This rollout of the auto-transcription feature follows Spotify’s recent introduction of an AI-generated voice cloning tool, which translates podcasts into different languages. Powered by OpenAI’s Whisper technology, the tool currently allows a select group of creators to translate English-language podcasts into Spanish, with French and German translations to be added in the coming weeks. These developments demonstrate Spotify’s commitment to improving podcast accessibility, localization, and user experience.

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