Home Technology The DJI Mini 4 Pro: Mini-sized Vision Revolutionized in Every Direction

The DJI Mini 4 Pro: Mini-sized Vision Revolutionized in Every Direction

The DJI Mini 4 Pro: Mini-sized Vision Revolutionized in Every Direction

In a recent announcement, Skydio revealed that it is exiting the consumer drone business. As a result, consumers who were eagerly awaiting the miniature self-flying drone from Skydio will now have to turn to DJI for their drone needs. DJI has just unveiled the $759 DJI Mini 4 Pro, which boasts omnidirectional obstacle sensing, a feature that was missing from its predecessor, the Mini 3 Pro. This new feature, along with its smaller wingspan, may prove to be a significant upgrade, allowing the drone to navigate more effectively and avoid collisions.

The Mini 4 Pro brings the Mini 3 Pro up to par with the larger and more expensive DJI Air 3 by introducing features such as omnidirectional obstacle avoidance and advanced shooting capabilities. It shares a similar main camera and battery life with the Air 3, but also offers improvements such as 100fps 4K shooting, Ocusync 4 video transmission for a range of 20 kilometers, and 200fps 1080p shooting. Battery life remains reliable, with the included battery providing around 30 minutes of flight time, and the larger “Intelligent Flight Battery Plus” extending it to nearly 40 minutes. However, the latter option is not available in Europe due to weight restrictions.

Although DJI advertises “True Vertical Shooting” as a selling point for the Mini 4 Pro, it is worth noting that this feature is already present in the Mini 3 Pro. Additionally, the Mini 3 Pro offers slightly longer battery life, making it DJI’s affordable battery champion. However, if speed is a priority, users will need to opt for the Air model or higher, as the Mini series has a slower ascent and descent rate. Nevertheless, DJI’s Mini 4 Pro presents a compelling option for consumers seeking a high-performance and user-friendly drone experience.

Those who already own a Mini 3 Pro will be pleased to know that they can continue using the same batteries with the Mini 4 Pro. However, they will need to invest in a new controller to take advantage of the upgraded Ocusync 4 video transmission technology. Overall, DJI’s latest offering in the Mini series promises to deliver a seamless and advanced aerial photography experience for drone enthusiasts.

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